Our Church History

It was decided at a meeting on January 5, 1867 that the gallery of the church be allotted for African-Americans. About the same time, it was also resolved to discontinue the practice of seating the women on one side of the church and the men on the opposite.



The new church building was completed for $6,000 (including the price for the ground). On Sunday, April 21, 1867, the church held a Dedicatory Service at which Rev. Dr. Fuller of Baltimore delivered the sermon. The chior of Beulah Baptist Church in Pruntytown, led by J.T. Whitescarver, provided the music.


In 1873, the "envelope system" was established for collecting the pastor's salary. In May of this same year, Rev. George Davidson was asked to pastor on a full time basis. His salary was raised to $600/yr. Thus, the practice of hiring a new pastor each year was discontinued.

    First church building on Main Street in Grafton, 1876                                  

Colorized Photo

According to the Union Association, the curch had 135 members in 1874. In less than 16 years, (four of which the church held no meetings), this growth had taken place.


In 1875 the "Church Covenant" voted at a business meeting to take a collection each Sabbath morning.


Not all members attended church services regularly, or gave tithes and offerings, or even lived as Christians should. So committees were formed time and time again to "call upon" those members. Because of this, the church had many financial difficulties.

Pictured Below: Panoramic view of Grafton                                                             

               Church is just below

Pictured Above: Grafton 1876 (Church on left)