Our Church History

The Ladies Aid Society donated a pipe organ to the church with dedicatory services held on Sunday, January 3, 1915. Rev. W.D. Powell of Louisville, Kentucky, preached the sermon.


The amount of $9,103 was promptly raised and once again wiped out the church’s indebtedness incurred for past improvements.


Rev. Leland Powell preached his last sermon in August of 1918, and Rev. E.M. Rhodes took over that same year.


Another parsonage was purchased in 1919 and repairs made. It was the fourth building to be owned by the church.

Inside of former church on Main Street

In August 1921 pastorship changed again when Rev. Rhodes preached his last sermon. Rev. John W. Brown took over following Rhodes in November. In 1922 cement sidewalks were installed in the front and on the west side of the church.


In 1926 such changes were made as removing the east stairway to make room for additional classrooms, installing folding doors in the adult department to give them additional room, and redecorating the entire church.

Rev. Brown pastored the church until April of 1930. Rev. F.C. Herod then served as the church's pastor from September 1930 to August 1933.


Rev. James E. Fidler came to pastor FBC in March 1934. He was born in Arlington, WV. He graduated from Davis and Elkins College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Davis and Elkins College honored him with the D.D. Degree.


He served 8 yrs. as Director of Christian Education for our WV Baptist Convention, and in October 1945 filled the important position of National Director of Leadership Education for the Board of Edu. and Publication of the American Baptist Convention. He also served as the National Director of the Lay Development Program of the American Baptist Convention.

Pastor James Fidler

In 1936 under his pastoral service, the pipe organ was electrified at a cost of about $350. The coping on the church was also repaired, as well as plastering and repairs to the roof at a cost of about $500.


He ended his services for FBC of Grafton in October 1937, when Gordon L. Withers, a native of WV, took over. Rev. Withers graduated from Alderson-Broarddus College and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as well.


In 1937 extensive repairs were also made to the newer parsonage. When the churches debt was paid in full, they burned the note.

Each picture is currently displayed in the hall according to the side of the sancutary they were painted on in the former church.