Missions & Outreach

Brenda K. Rosier is our tireless Minister of Missions & Outreach. She works with volunteers from FBC and local churches to put into action Operation Christmas Child, run the daily Food Pantry, provide Thanksgiving Food Distributions, manage our churches involvement in disaster relief programs, continually aids in the economic growth and spread of Christianity in Haiti

and so much more.

Food Pantry

Help us keep our pantry shelves stocked. The food pantry helps provide food staples to local families.

Weirton Christian Center

The Build-A-Building Project includes a new building to house a free pre-school and afterschool program.

Haiti Projects

We support many projects in Haiti including the Beans and Rice Project, the Eben-ezer Farm and School, and the elderly at the Welcome Center.

The Myers Family

The Myers family are in Mexico preaching and helping communities through the Chicken Outreach Project.

Veteran's Kits

AB Women assemble Veteran's Kits that are donated to the VA in Clarksburg.

Madeline Flores-Lopez

Help Madeline Flores-Lopez serve families living in the Carribean.

Chapmans in the Congo

Thank you for your support of missionaries Glen & Rita Chapman & their work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The World Race

Hillarie Sweeney will visit 11 countries through AIM to work with local missions aiding where she can be most useful.